A Question That Makes Us Go Hmmm

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“Where are we heading?”


We don’t have a remedy for our fleeting youth. All this time, we’re fooling ourselves that we need to know everything to save something. To prepare for the future. To hold on to our dreams closely so we can achieve it surely.


Sometimes, we do. Sometimes, we dont. And that’s basically okay. We must be ready that the way towards the realization of our dreams is not how we expect it to be. But the journey is always worth it.


If we believe that we have a knack on something whether sports, music or art, and if people see it too— or regardless of who believes us in the start, we must give it a shot. Our best shot.


Even though we don’t have the assurance of having a dream come true, we are sure that God didn’t place that dream in our hearts over nothing. The half-love, the grays, the cautious-scared, the mortal blows, the soul thirst— we are all condemned to feel these things to grow. And mostly, not in the way we want or dream to be.


If we feel tired, it’s because we work. If we feel lost, it’s because we seek. And if we find ourselves unhappy with what we find, we still have the free will to decide: To grow where we are planted or to look for more. The right or wrong decision? Well, it depends on us.


No matter how polluted, cancerous and judgmental society is, there sprouts something worth to see. Us. So let’s not exhaust ourselves to which path we should go. Let’s just be here. Be now.


“Where are we heading?”


To be honest, I don’t really know. But I am here to learn.


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