Steps on How to Apply for PNPA Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT)

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1. Get a copy of either OLD or NEW PNPACAT application forms.Applicants may download application form at or at PNPA FB ACCOUNT. The two page application form should be printed through either A4 size or long bond papers. Applicant may print the application form in two separate pages or in a back to back hard copy.

2. Fill-up the application form either through typewritten/ computerized or handwritten entries. Entries should be legible and clear with no “super impositions” or erasures. Incomplete entries on the application form are ground for disqualification such as:
a) incomplete address or no address;
b) no signature, no birth date;
c) digitally edited/completely enhanced (filtered) pictures through photoshop which completely different to the actual facial features of the applicant or no 2X2 pictures attached;and
d) any other defects which might be noted by the PNPA Registrar.

3. Applicants may submit application forms personally at PNPA SILANG CAVITE or through snail mail (POSTAL) or express mails : LBC,TO GO, GRS Express; Air PHiL, Etc.The application form should be sent to the address indicated on the LETTER HEAD of the application form or to the Office of the Registrar as follows:

The Director, (Attn: Registrar), Philippine National Police Academy, Camp Gen. Mariano N Castañeda, 4129 Silang, Cavite;

4. For those applicants from Visayas, Mindanao or from other far-flung provinces, please ask the personnel from your mailing companies or agencies on how many days will it take before your application forms will reach PNPA Silang, Cavite in order to determine whether your application forms will still meet the deadline of submission or not (Every last Friday of September). PNPA will also consider the same period or days in sending NOTICES or PERMIT to take the examination to your respective addresses indicated on your application forms;

5. There are NO DOCUMENTS to be submitted/attached with the application form EXCEPT FOR THE FOLLOWING ITEMS :
a) white window envelope (can be bought in all school supplies or bookstores);
b) postal stamp ( available at your post office); and
c) passport size picture with name tag and with white background (APPLICANT SHOULD WEAR WHITE SHIRT, NO EYEGLASSES AND NO HEAD GEARS ON PHOTOS);

6. Qualified applicants for PNPACAT will be receiving NOTICES or PERMIT to take the exam ((PNPACAT) from last week of September to October.The PNPA Registrar will send these notices on the addresses indicated on the submitted application forms. In case the applicants failed to receive notices or permit to take the exam from PNPA Registrar, he/she may check his/her name at or PNPA FB account. Once his/her name is included in the list of qualified examinees posted at the said web address, he/she can proceed directly at the examination center or venue posted the said PNPA web site and should bring at least two valid IDs (latest) on the day of examination;

7. All qualified applicants must bring at least two 2X2 pictures with white background, PENCILS no 2, rubber erasers, black pen (not sign pen) and at least two valid IDs on the day of examination;
VALID IDs are the following:
a) Latest School ID with Picture (not Library ID);
b) Driver’s License;
c) PRC ID;
d) Voter’s ID;
e) Employee’s ID;
f) SSS/GSIS ID with picture;
g) Philhealth ID with picture;and
h) Postal ID with picture.

8.Applicants may also apply through ONLINE at Please be very cautious on the specific procedures/steps on the ONLINE APPLICATION.Most of the online applicants were not considered due to some technical glitches or poor internet connections that resulted a failed registration on the PNPA data base;

9. Applicants should wear proper attire during the examination: SHIRTS WITH COLLAR (ANY COLOR) and MAONG PANTS/SLACKS (ANY COLOR).Female applicants may wear skirts (not too skimpy) or dress. Strictly no sandoes,no shorts, no slippers/flip flops or sandals;


11. This year there will be NO EXEMPTIONS granted to Honor Students in taking up the PNPACAT.

12. Please read the initial qualification for admission indicated on the second page of the application form. Please do not apply if you are not qualified.

Initial Requirements for Admission:

PNPA needs able, responsible and well-motivated youths who have the aptitude for service to meet the varied and challenging duties of a public safety service officer.

a. Natural born Filipino citizen;
b. Of good moral character;
c. Male or female, single and with no parental and financial obligation to anybody;
d. 18 to 22 years old at the time of admission ( April 15, 2016);
e. Height of at least 162.5 cm (5ft 4in) for male, and 157.5cm (5ft 2 in) for female;

Disqualified-Overage applicants:
Birth date from January 1993 to April 15, 1993

Qualified applicants:
Birth date from April 16, 1993 to December 1993

Qualified applicants:
Birth date from January 1998 to April 15, 1998

Disqualified-Underage applicants:
Birth date April 16 1998 to December 1998

f. Weight must not be more than or not less than five (5) kilograms of the standard weight corresponding to height, age, and sex;
g. At least high school graduate;
h. Must be able to perform the standard physical fitness exercises:
i. Physically and mentally fit for cadetship training;
j. No criminal, administrative, or civil case and other derogatory record(s);
k. Not a former cadet of PNPA or other service academies;
l. Must pass the Cadet Admission Test (CAT);and
m. Not a former cadet of PNPA or resigned cadet from other service academies (PMA, PMMA. MAAP).

Coverage of Examination (tentative date of PNPACAT: Every last Sunday of October):
Communication Skills;
Logical and Reasoning Ability;
Math and Sciences;
General Information and Current Events;and
Values and Aptitude for the Service.

Reminder: Applicants/Examinees should get passing scores to all subjects covered in the PNPACAT to qualify for the next phase of screening.Thus, those applicants/examinees who have garnered the highest scores but failed in one of the subjects covered in the exam, she/he will not be considered in the next phase of screening.




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