The Universe is Calling Us

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Her spaceship shook a sudden bolt and landed ruined-to-pieces on that black and white planet.

When she first came in, she was dumbfounded. That girl— with dreamy eyes and soft dark hair.

The planet was clean, safe and simple. But empty.

Walls. Walls. Walls. And in the middle of everything’s that plain and fancy-free, she found a Knight residing there. He was young but not shining. His armor was bigger than himself.

“Hi there, young Knight. May I stay here? I came from some light years away and my spaceship was wrecked. I promised not to be a dummy.”

The Knight did not respond.

The girl, with a vulnerably honest heart and insanely brave character was happy-sad. She found a safe planet but it felt so cold and lonely.

So the next day, she brought out some thunders, some wildflowers, some blue skies, a little bit of sunshine, and a piece of the glowing moon.

For the following days, she decorated the black and white planet with all that she had.

“What chaos did you bring in here?!” The Knight shouted at her.

“No… No, it’s not chaos. It’s life. Haven’t you seen such things? Don’t you spend your life being too cautious here? Look at these… Don’t you like it?” The girl exclaimed.

The Knight was quiet.

Before long, they became friends. She would crack a joke. He would smirk.

One night, the girl was awaken. The young Knight was holding thousands of stars on his hand and he was shining so brightly it could burn her eyes.

“What are you?” She murmured. Terrified.

Then the Knight, instead of keeping all the stars back on his palm, put them all on the sky.

“This is art. Haven’t you seen such things? Aren’t they beautiful?” He replied. Smiling.

There she knew that the walls he built so long, so tall and so sturdy were beginning to crash down. He was letting her in.

And the black and white planet is becoming a universe of infinite possibilities….

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