Known in the past for its vast timberlands and, for the present, with its over six thousand hectares of government-irrigated lands, it has seawaters in the east, mountains in the west, north and south. The plains have navigable rivers known as Carac-an, Union, Cantilan, Consuelo, Benoni, Bun-ot, Adlayan, Lancogue and some smaller ones. The extent of creeks and wetlands or lowlands and swamps were main landmarks and features of its old topography. The conversions and developments of the lowlands into rice paddies began in the 18th century when the friars were stationed therein. Those rivers and creeks that were developed fishponds did not begin earlier than the first of the 20th century.

This narrative history and other information was taken from the benevolent book of Mr. Eulogio Eleazar published 1980 entitled History of Cantilan.